There are many varieties of both seeded and seedless watermelons grown commercially in South Carolina. They are available in a variety of colors. Red flesh is the most common. Yes, the yellow and orange watermelons still taste like a red watermelon!

Seeded Watermelons generally fall into a particular variety type that is described by shape and the color of the watermelon and its stripes.

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All Sweet

Oblong hybrid watermelon with light green stripes on a dark green background. Fairly thin rind with bright red flesh. Averages 21–26 pounds.

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Royal Sweet

Oblong, blocky shaped hybrid watermelon with medium dark, fairly wide, green stripes on a light green background. Thick rind with a crisp red flesh. Averages 21–28 pounds.

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Elongated shaped hybrid or open pollinator with dark green narrow stripes on a light green background. Fairly thick rind with red flesh. Averages 22–30 pounds.

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Round, open pollinator with small, broken dark green stripes on a light green background. Fairly thick rind with finely textured crimson red flesh. Averages 18–25 pounds.

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Ice Box

Round to slightly oval shaped watermelon with light or dark green stripes depending on the variety. Rind thickness varies and flesh is red. Average 5–12 pounds.

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Round or oblong, depending on variety, with light or dark green stripes and background. Medium thick rind with bright red, yellow, or orange flesh. Averages 10–17 pounds. May contain a few edible, small white seeds. Occasionally, will contain a hardened dark seed.

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