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The South Carolina Watermelon Association Board is made up of 26 members that have been voted on by the members of the association to help make decisions for the association. The board also includes one research scientist and an executive director. Any member of the association is eligible to become a member of the board of directors.

The board meets quarterly to decide what the association will do in the future including making decisions on which research projects are funded, as well as, which events the association will be represented at throughout the year. Board members are on two-year terms that are voted on at the annual conference. Any vacant seat can be filled through the president’s nomination and will run until the next annual meeting.


WILL WILLIS – President

Willis Produce Sales

BRAD O’NEAL – 1st Vice President

Coosaw Farms

MIKE SULLIVAN – 2nd Vice President

Sullivan’s Produce

F. HAMILTON DICKS, III – Secretary/Treasurer

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