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The South Carolina Watermelon Association is an organization led by farmers and agricultural industry workers whose main purpose is to increase consumer awareness and consumption of watermelon while creating a positive economic impact for producers.

The Association works to increase consumer demand for watermelon through promotion and also focuses on research and legislation affecting growers and related businesses in the watermelon industry.

Consisting of twenty-six board members with one research scientist serving as an adviser, the South Carolina Watermelon Association is heavily involved in supermarket promotions and promoting watermelon at events such as festivals, summer camps, welcome centers, schools and fundraisers. Be sure to check out our promotional efforts consisting of in-store taste samplings at retail and watermelon cuttings at special events and festivals statewide.

Working closely with the retail market, the South Carolina Watermelon Association supports watermelon advertising and promotion in their stores during the season.

In addition to promotion, the Association selects and supports several different research projects each year and keeps up with today’s technology and the ever-changing world of agriculture to ensure that our farmers are able to compete in the marketplace.

Also, the South Carolina Watermelon Association serves as the voice in Washington D.C. for South Carolina watermelon farmers and monitors legislation that affects the produce industry.



Why should I become a member of the SC Watermelon Association?
Becoming a member of the SC Watermelon Association allows you to have a direct impact on one of South Carolinas most important industries. Becoming a member is the best and easiest way to support South Carolinas watermelon farmers.
How do members of the SC Watermelon Association contribute to the watermelon industry in South Carolina?
Members of the SC Watermelon Association contribute to the SC watermelon industry by promoting watermelon at many events throughout the year. Members make decisions on what research is done in the industry as well as supporting farmers on political issues both locally and federally.
How is the SC Watermelon Association improving the watermelon industry?
The SC Watermelon Association improves the watermelon industry through broad marketing initiatives that promote watermelon for all growers while also providing funding to key research initiatives to ensure South Carolina continues to produce the highest quality watermelons.
What are the benefits of becoming a member of the SC Watermelon Association?
Members of the South Carolina Watermelon Association are open to any of the marketing efforts throughout the year to help grow relationships as well as their business. There are many meetings and opportunities to network with others in the industry as well as to have a voice on key issues facing the industry from research to policy. We encourage anybody interested in supporting South Carolinas agricultural industry to become a member and get involved to have an incredible impact on an industry deeply rooted in South Carolina’s culture.

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